Magazine R.D.A Consultants

Now you have a choice!

Are you tired of playing “hide and seek” with your R.D.A.?

With the wave of consolidation by R.D.A companies, you may be receiving services from a consulting company that you didn’t choose, or consultants who are not completing your claims on time or even collecting on all the titles that offer R.D.A. Perhaps you are a long time customer of an R.D.A. company that now has bigger fish to fry…

If so, welcome to BBA/Current RDA, we exist precisely to service you!

Through Brian Biviano & Associates and its predecessor company Coast to Coast RDA Consultants, we have been in the RDA business for over 20 years, providing services to thousands of retailers throughout the United States, and collecting R.D.A. on tens of millions in magazine sales.

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